How to Create a Journal Mockup in Adobe Illustrator

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Mockups are well known to contribute to success in business. They present your products to the world in an attractive fashion and that’s why they are very important.

Trouble is they also cost money.

So, today I’m going to offer you an alternative if you’re in the business of selling paper journals: creating your own journal mockup in Adobe Illustrator.

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My Imperfect Yet Charming Lemon Kitchen Art – An Experiment

Today I wanted to spend time with myself painting in watercolour, very loosely and freely, with no concern for getting it right or looking good or practicing a given skill.

Just some painting time for the pure sake of having a bit of fun. I didn’t know what I was aiming for nor what to paint. I started out with a few washes then got bored. And somehow lemons always come to mind. I guess I must enjoy looking at lemons.

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Floral Colour palette

I recently snapped some photos of flowers while I was out taking a walk and thought they’d be perfect for a lazy moment of creativity.

Well, today a book I was reading inspired me to do a simple photo collage with them and use it for a colour palette.

One thing though: I did not take the colours in the palette directly from the photos. Instead, I did this by eye and worked intuitively based on what the photos inspired me. It’s one of those little visual pleasures …

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