How to Make Your Own Bookmarks With Digital Paper

Have you been unsatisfied with your reading experience because you need to keep track of ideas, quotes, the questions the book inspires you, etc and you haven’t found a system yet that will make all this easy?

Well, why not making your own bookmarks for instance and use them to enhance the quality of your reading experience? How so? You could make multiple bookmarks , using the method described in this post, so you would always have enough of them ready at hand to comfortably get through your various books as optimally as possible at any given time. Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting where that quote you loved was or where that word you stumbled upon that you had never seen before is, etc.

The 2 things you need to make this reading system is having multiple bookmarks readily available and a notebook or journal.

Sounds fab to you?

Let’s try it, shall we?

The bookmark method used in this post is super fast and easy. We’ll be using it to make the above 2 bookmarks.

Time Required

app 10 mns



Paper Craft Tools Used

  • Paper Cutter
  • Craft Mat
  • Craft Glue
  • Round Corner Cutter
  • Hole Puncher
  • Thread (feel free to pick any thread you wish or other material…the sky is the limit!)
  • A quality home printer

The one thing we’d recommend you don’t skip is the quality home printer because you will appreciate your print looking good. Outside this, feel free to get the cheapest of all the other tools you can get if budget is tight. We certainly used a cheap paper cutter and it has worked just fine for us so far, at least for what we do. Alternatively, you can use traditional scissors to cut paper and good old pencils to take measurements first. You could also use scissors to round the corners or get fancy with them any way you wish.

In the end, don’t forget that the sky is the limit. Our instructions are only there as a guide to you and you need to run wild with this and have fun!

Paper Used

  • Quality white card Paper (for printing digital paper on)
  • Digital Scrapbook Paper from our store. This will be used for the front of our bookmark.
  • Card Paper (Below we used the Daler Rowner Pastel Paper pad because that’s all we had and it’s got a bit of thickness to it; this said feel free to use just any paper or card paper you wish. Rule of thumb: make sure your paper has a bit of thickness or it won’t be fit for purpose. Ideally you’d want it to come in a colour that goes well with the digital paper you picked for the front). This will be used for the back of our bookmark.


Digital paper – and this applies to this pack above – is often sold as 12”x12” paper. Depending on what paper you print on, you may need to get your actual original digital sheet resized for printing. If you’re not sure how to do this, check out this other blog post. It will give you some ideas.

Let’s get creating now!


The first thing we’ll do is print our digital paper on card paper.

We’ll be using simple premium card paper from WHSmith (UK). As we said, feel free to use any card paper of your choice.

And here’s our 2 sheets, all printed:


The easy way to go about this is cutting both back and front of bookmark at the same time. In our case, we had a shot at cutting 2 fronts and 1 back at the same time with our paper cutter. It worked but it got a little tight on the paper cutter. So, we’d recommend you stick to cutting no more than one back and one front together at any given time.

First, place one sheet on top of the other and align them (for instance we chose to align them to the left and to the bottom below).

Then keep them together and aligned, as well as you can, and position then properly on your cutter and cut them (see photo below).

You may find this not to be precise at times but that’s ok as it’s for home use. If you’re unhappy with the lack of precision, we’d suggest you first use a pencil to take exact measurements on both back and front papers then use the paper cutter to cut.

You should end up with something like this:

Here again, once you start gluing back to front, you may find that there’s a little margin left on either front or back and that’s ok. As we said above, if you wish to be precise, take exact measurements prior to cutting.


It’s now time to glue the back to the front.


  • Use your hole puncher to make a hole at the top
  • Use the corner cutter to round the corners of your bookmark

As you can see, we’ve rounded the corners of 1 bookmark and left the other’s corners sharp:

Now, use thread to tie a knot at the top:

Closing note

To add a personal touch, add a quote at the back.


  • Use stickers (just make sure your bookmark width is wide enough for the size of your sticker)
  • Use a white pen to write your quote
  • Type a quote on a word document then print it. This comes with the advantage of having beautiful fonts and paper you can use. Make sure to format the quote so it fits on your bookmark

And that’s your bookmarks done!

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Share it around if you did and show us a picture of your lovely bookmarks!

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