Shopping Fine Art America – How to Reveal the Full Product List When on the Design Page

Fine Art America has established itself as one of the major art print sellers online the past decade or so. As such, it has a wide array of not only wall art to offer but also decor and lifestyle accessories.

So, if you’re looking for wall art or decorative elements for your home, you would want to check them out.

Once you’re there though, you may find there are various ways to get to the product you want, as it is customary on any ecommerce platforms these days, and you may get a little confused – I know I did in the past – when hitting a design page and not seeing the product you want.

Let me explain.

For instance, say you landed on my store front and clicked an image tile when looking at the Image menu below:

This will take you to a page like the below:

Now, this is all good but what yo see on the right is NOT the full list of what this design is available on. And if you scroll down this page, you will see the Comments section and the Recently Viewed section and nothing else. So, what now? You may feel stuck. Bear with me, there is no need to.

I’d like to bring to your attention that this is not a product page. Look at the large image above. It does not feature a product but rather a design. So, bear this in mind when browsing around!

So, how do you reveal the full list of products a design is available on from this design page? Simply click any of the products on the right. For instance, let me click on the pillow. This action opens up this blue gingham pillow product page:

Along with other sections, underneath this pillow you’ll also find the full product list called Additional Products:

Another section you will see is the Similar Designs section that lists other pillows from my store:

Another way to access the full list of products a design is available on is by filtering your search upfront when you get to my store front (Click the Shop tab first):

Use the drop down arrows to filter and click the product that interests you and it will take you to the product page above.

Let’s summarize:

When shopping Fine Art America, if you click an image on the Image tab or Collection tab, once on my store front, you will be directed to the Design page, not a product page. That’s when you’ll need the above tip to get to the full product list for that design.

And that’s it for this little tip!

Happy browsing and shopping!

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