How to Create a Fall Family To-Do List in LibreOffice Writer

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Paper to-do lists, for those of us who work better with paper, can be handy to get through monthly tasks. The paper format has the advantage of giving you physical pleasure as you get to tick your task when done with it. And if you love living an authentic life, you may prefer fancy to-do lists. Right? Trouble is these can be costly. I’ll give you that they don’t cost the moon neither. But depending on your finances, at the end of the day it all adds up. So, that’s an area you may want to save on.

So, why not making your own?

If you’ve never designed anything before, the idea itself may come across as somewhat challenging. But there is no need to feel challenged here. There are various ways you could go about creating a to-do list. In this tutorial, I’ll show you one quick and easy way using free word processor software LibreOffice Writer. LibreOffice will save you some money because it’s free and it’s perfect for the job.

Here’s what we’re going to create:

As you can see, this is fairly elegant, simple, modern and stylish, so worth the detour and worth creating.

What You’ll Need for This Tutorial

  • Access to LibreOffice Writer
  • A fall graphic

I got the floral pumpkin you see above from my store.

If you wonder where you could get something like that but different, Design Bundles is a craft supply marketplace you will most definitely find this sort of graphics on. Creative Fabrica is another such marketplace. Finally, you could try for free graphics as sometimes they have quality ones there (Do make sure you check the license terms of the graphic first though, meaning 1.The Pixabay license AND 2. The terms of the owner of the graphic as sometimes they choose to make their art available for editorial purposes only or other terms AND 3. The terms of the owner on their about page as sometimes they’d have specific requirements that you’ll only see on their about page).

Step 1 – Insert a Table with 2 Columns and 10 Rows

Open a new LibreOffice Writer document:

Look at your top menu bars, towards the centre on the top row, you’ll see the menu item circled in red below:

Click it to insert a table and give it 10 rows and 2 columns. The way it works is it colors the squares you select as you move over them. While it colors what you select in blue, it displays the number of rows and columns that’s being selected. Use these figures to adjust as you see fit. If you wish your to-do list to have more rows and columns, feel free to add these to suit your needs.

As soon as your table is added, it should look like the above, i.e it’s placed right on top of your page with the cursor on the top row, in the first column. We need to push it down a little. To do this, click where the cursor is and keep pressing the ENTER key until you’re happy. Note that its exact location does not need to be perfect at this stage as this table is going to expend and later on we can always push it up or down as needed. So, now you should have this:

Step 2 – Configure First Coumn

It’s time now to transform this table a little so it looks more like a to-do list and a list we can use.

To get started, we’ll make the first column much smaller in width than the 2nd.

To do this:

  1. Hover over the middle vertical line that separates the 2 columns. This should display a small white horizontal double arrow
  2. Left click the line – This should solidify the line across the page in the form of a dotted line – and move it to the left
  3. Release the left side of your mouse

You should have something like this:

Step 3 – Add Row Numbers

Now, we’re going to make each row bigger in height and use the row numbers to achieve this in a consistent manner.

First, let’s give a number to each row:

Now, let’s select them all in one go and centre align them:

Now, let’s leave one space above and another underneath each number on each row:

Step 4 – Add Details Above & Below Table

Add all the details that go above and below the table:

  • To-do list name
  • Fall graphic
  • Month
  • Fall message at the bottom


To size down or up your graphic, pull the bottom right corner square (green) and it will keep the image aspect ratio while scaling.

To move the image to the left, click it to select it (it brings up a double arrow icon like this):

Then move it to the left.

Once you’ve released it, it looks like the below (with the light grey bounding box around). This said, you don’t need to worry about this grey box all around as it won’t show up when you print your to-do list:

Finally, to create the elegant text used for the month and bottom fall message, pick a serif font then leave a space in between letters.

And that’s how you create a fall family to-do list in LibreOffice Writer!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and made a pretty to-do list to use at home.

Alex of Log & Mitten

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