5 Rustic Bookmarks to Make at Home

Do you need a few simple, yet out of the ordinary, rustic bookmarks but don’t want to spend money buying?

Then you’d want to make them yourself.

You’d be amazed how simple, quick and easy it is to turn around a small batch of bookmarks full of rustic charm with just a few inexpensive things.

And, the cherry on the cake is that, if you do quite a few in one go, it could be even relaxing and meditative.

Here’s what I’m talking about:

Easy Bookmarks to Make – Rustic Handmade Bookmarks
Easy Bookmarks to Make at Home

In this set, you get 3 regular bookmarks and 2 mini bookmarks.

What this will cost you is just the price of one black cardstock paper sheet, so that’s probably under $1. That’s assuming, naturally, that you already have basic paper crafting equipment and tools.

So, are you still there? If you are, let’s dive in!

Project Specs

Cost: $1

Time: 10 mns

Difficulty: Easy

Tools & Materials

basic paper crafting equipment & tools
  • Craft mat
  • Scissors
  • White gel pen
  • Paper cutter
  • 1 sheet of black cardstock paper (easy to find at your local craft or stationery store)

Step 1 – Cutting the Regular Bookmarks

Use your paper cutter to cut 3 bookmarks of roughly 21 x 5 cm (8.26″ x 1.96″) out of your black cardstock.

Easy Bookmarks to Make – Rustic Handmade Bookmarks

What you may want to do – that’s what I did – is start cutting with the paper cutter then finish off with regular scissors. Meaning, if your paper cutter has a visual grid on, like mine above, to help you position paper well, use it to cut. You don’t need to be strict with your bookmark dimensions. I used the grid basically and it turned out to be the dimensions I gave you above. Once you’re done with this, you’ll have rather long bookmarks in height (above). Then use scissors to trim the bottom to make the bookmarks shorter in height, like in the photo below.

Easy Bookmarks to Make – Rustic Handmade Bookmarks

Step 2 – Cutting the Mini Bookmarks

As you saw above, we’ll also be making 2 mini bookmarks.

I was less precise and fancy with the mini bookmarks but you don’t have to do the same. Everything I say here is just a guide. Feel free to get as fancy and creative or minimal as you wish!

Use either the paper cutter or scissors to cut these, as you prefer.

I went a little fancy with the bottom and used scissors to achieve these looks:

Mini Bookmarks to Make at Home

Naturally, those will be shorter in height.

Step 3 – Decorate All Bookmarks With a White Gel Pen

Your white gell pen is all you’re going to need to finish up the job now.

Mine is the well known white Gelly Roll pen. Feel free to use any white pen you have.

I chose to doodle various things on my bookmarks: a mountain scene, a rustic floral scene and finally some decorative zen art.

You can either copy what I did or doodle whatever you wish to doodle on your bookmarks.

Here are mine:

Handmade Bookmark 1

Handmade Bookmark 2
Handmade Bookmark 3
Mini Bookmarks to Make

As you can see, I enjoy adding a little message there but you don’t have to. If you like the idea, pick messages that are meaningful to you or the recipient of the bookmark if you’re going to gift it to someone.

And that’s how you’d make rustic bookmarks!

Easy Bookmarks to Make at Home – Rustic Handmade Bookmarks

I hope you enjoyed this bookmark tutorial and had fun making yours.

Until the next bookmark tutorial!

Alex of Log & Mitten

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