Christmas Card to Make This Year – Card No.3

To continue with my Christmas card series, today I had a special card making session: an afternoon of painting and pure fun. As a result, I decided to make this post short to show you what I made. Meaning, unlike the other Christmas card posts, this one isn’t a tutorial. Sometimes a creative needs to let go of photographing everything, writing tutorials and instead indulge in making and savouring the moment.

Here’s what I made:

Christmas card to make yourself
Christmas card to make yourself – inside

What I did was create all the various bits of fancy paper myself with watercolor. It had been a while I had wanted to try my hand at doing this and I’m glad I got started today because I love it! Here’s my lovely creative mess:

This was such a lovely painting and card making session spent to the sound of lovely jazz music, so I’ll most certainly repeat the experience in the near future.

I hope you enjoyed this new card.

Alex of Log & Mitten

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