Adventures in Crocheting

– This post contains affiliate links. Should you end up making a purchase after clicking some of these links, I will earn a commission for bringing Creative Fabrica a sale –

With winter now in full swing and the low temperatures becoming a daily reality, it occurred to me that instead of paying £25 for a pair of gloves, I could save some cash and instead knit myself some mitten.

I’m not a passionate knitter but I appreciate it as an occasional creative activity. I also happen to have done a little knitting in the past, so I have a little foundation to get me started.

With this in mind, I recently bought myself these:

I know what I’d like to make:

  • Head band
  • Mitten
  • Mug warmer
  • Scarf

Trouble is my basic knowledge won’t get me this far. So, I recently started browsing the internet for ideas and patterns to help me make these things.

I’d like to share with you what I found that caught my eye in case those projects take your fancy too. Some of these links are Youtube tutorials you can use as inspiration whereas others are crochet patterns available for sale on craft supply marketplace Creative Fabrica.


Bean Stitch Mug Cozy by Myoumaralie


Head Band Crochet Tutorial by CrochetVibe
Country Cottage Headband Tutorial by The Turtle Trunk


Braids Crochet Scarf Cowl by Karen Valladares
Easy Crochet Scallop Top DIY Tutorial by Forthefrills

The head bands will, most definitely, end up in my wardrobe I hope in the near future.

Just a girl trying to stay warm during winter time without breaking the bank …

I hope you enjoyed these crochet project ideas.

As for me, I’ll be sharing what I make on this blog as I plough through my crochet to-do list this winter.

Alex of Log & Mitten

2 thoughts on “Adventures in Crocheting

    1. Ah ah ah…yes, totally get where you’re coming from. I think we do get easily impressed when we don’t know about things 🙂 I’m seeing for myself right now as I’m figuring out the braided head band….this thing is super quick to knit and fairly easy too to make, much easier than what I thought. I’m not quite finished yet but I’m getting there. It’s nice to pick the right project when you start, even if you did so without knowing it 🙂 It keeps you motivated. Well, have a lovely day!

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