Candy Cane Christmas Gnome

– This post contains affiliate links. Should you end up making a purchase after clicking some of these links, I will earn a commission for bringing Zazzle a sale –

Celebrate Christmas this year with a touch of gnome cuteness with our brand new candy cane gnome Christmas collection now available in our Zazzle store!

Candy Cane Christmas Gnome Christmas Card
Candy Cane Christmas Gnome Mug
Customizable Candy Cane Gnome Christmas Stocking

This collection would suit lovers of minimal and simple designs, also appreciative of cuteness an gnomes.

It was hand-drawn and coloured digitally. It’s quite unique in style and full of charm.

The collection includes apparel for the entire family – where an item isn’t in the store, you can most definitely transfer it to the item that you need – along with some Christmas essentials such as stocking and mug.

I hope you enjoyed this new gnome and wish you a lovely and stress-free Christmas preparation.

Happy festive season!

Share this new collection around with your circle if you like it.

Alex of Log & Mitten

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