Using Coffee With Thin Light Damask Stencil

I recently started buying myself some stencils to expand the range of things I can do on my art journal pages. At this point I’m not yet working in an art journal but instead making small cards that I decorate as if I would an art journal page. All for use in my future journal.

Above is what I made today and below are the stages I went through.

This stencil sheet is very light and I’m not concerning myself here with using it as I should. I am just trying to have fun at this early stage and I’ll start taking better care about using stencils properly later. I used coffee and watercolour to apply this first layer.

Next I used gouache to mix brown and apply another layer of the same damask stencil on top. I love this!

Next I used a variety of journaling accessories and tools to add a little interest.

The back looks like this and can be used for writing.

I always love adding a short meaningful message with letter stamps and because this blog’s mainly focused on my learning to craft and make art to nurture my soul now, today’s message that got me inspired was ME FIRST and ART IS LIFE. The latter was inspired by the knowledge that art does indeed play such a critical therapeutic part in many lives, whether you just need some relaxation from the day’s stress or your healing journey relies on it.

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