Adventures in Crocheting

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With winter now in full swing and the low temperatures becoming a daily reality, it occurred to me that instead of paying £25 for a pair of gloves, I could save some cash and instead knit myself some mitten.

I’m not a passionate knitter but I appreciate it as an occasional creative activity. I also happen to have done a little knitting in the past, so I have a little foundation to get me started.

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How to Select Shapes in Illustrator Without Touching Them

If you’re new to using Adobe Illustrator to work with the digital craft supply you buy online for your small creative business, then you’d want to keep your life as simple as possible while manipulating those graphics to create new designs for sale.

One thing you can do towards keeping your design life as simple as possible is to select shapes without touching them. Yes, you read me right. No hovering over your shape then clicking it. Instead, you’d select it from the distance.

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