Christmas Card to Make This Year – Card No.3

To continue with my Christmas card series, today I had a special card making session: an afternoon of painting and pure fun. As a result, I decided to make this post short to show you what I made. Meaning, unlike the other Christmas card posts, this one isn’t a tutorial. Sometimes a creative needs to let go of photographing everything, writing tutorials and instead indulge in making and savouring the moment.

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5 Rustic Bookmarks to Make at Home

Do you need a few simple, yet out of the ordinary, rustic bookmarks but don’t want to spend money buying?

Then you’d want to make them yourself.

You’d be amazed how simple, quick and easy it is to turn around a small batch of bookmarks full of rustic charm with just a few inexpensive things.

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How to Make Your Own Bookmarks With Digital Paper

Have you been unsatisfied with your reading experience because you need to keep track of ideas, quotes, the questions the book inspires you, etc and you haven’t found a system yet that will make all this easy?

Well, why not making your own bookmarks for instance and use them to enhance the quality of your reading experience? How so? You could make multiple bookmarks , using the method described in this post, so you would always have enough of them ready at hand to comfortably get through your various books as optimally as possible at any given time. Nothing is more frustrating than forgetting where that quote you loved was or where that word you stumbled upon that you had never seen before is, etc.

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