Please note that this website uses affiliate links:

  • On its blog sidebar
  • In some of its blog posts
  • On every page where our products are displayed
  • On every page the names Design Bundles and Creative Fabrica are mentioned
  • On its top menu (shop links)

How do I know where affiliate links are used, more precisely?

Blog Posts with affiliate links will open with a note to this effect so you know upfront what to expect.

The blog sidebar will also start, right on top, with an affiliate disclosure. So, assume that all graphics you see there have an affiliate link behind.

As for website pages, wherever our products are displayed or the names Design Bundles or Creative Fabrica are mentioned, assume the link behind is an affiliate link.

What does it mean for me?

Should you click on one of these links and end up purchasing something, I, Alex the artist behind and owner of Log & Mitten, will earn a small commission for bringing the merchant a sale.

Are those links safe to click and is it safe to buy from the merchants they take us to?

The affiliate programs I participate into at the moment are:

These merchants are trustworthy merchants well established in their industry. So, yes, it is totally safe to click those links and buy from these merchants. Furthermore, they both have lovely customer support.