Are the platforms you sell on safe to buy from?

Yes. They are all established players in their respective industry with a good online reputation. As a seller and customer, I have had a lovely experience with all of them.

Who takes care of shipping and everything else?

Creative Fabrica sells digital goods only. This means there is never anything sent to you in the post when you buy from them.

In the case of Zazzle, Zazzle takes care of everything eCommerce – except creating designs, setting up and managing shops and marketing products – for us sellers. This means printing, manufacturing, order fulfillment, payment handling, delivery, refunds, etc is their sole responsibility.

Going back to Creative Fabrica, like Zazzle, they also take care of everything eCommerce for us except their business model does not use manufacturing, printing, shipping and delivery via mail.

Who do I contact regarding my order?

If you ever need to ask a question regarding your order, the merchant you placed the order with will be your point of contact (Zazzle or Creative Fabrica or Design Bundles). They have your order details and they handle every aspect of the commercial transaction when you buy from them. They are, therefore, the best placed to answer your order related questions. I will not be able to help here.

As a rule, we strongly recommend you approach their support to ask any questions you may have prior to buying. This ensures you stay away from disappointment or buying the wrong thing. Particularly if you’re buying for commerce and you are new to it, do not hesitate to contact their support teams to clarify anything you may feel unsure about. They all have lovely customer service.

Can I use your products in my business?

Creative Fabrica and Design Bundles offer a commercial license. So, absolutely yes, you can use the digital craft supply you buy there for business purposes. Just make sure you check the license first before buying and take care to ensure all the license terms are crystal clear to you. If in doubt, never hesitate to get in touch with their support to seek clarification. It is your responsibility to ensure the license you buy is the one you need.

With regards to Zazzle, business supplies are obviously sold for use in businesses. With regards to the rest – stickers, scrapbook paper, etc – I’m in the process of finding out from their support at the moment. So, keep visiting this page for an answer.

What do you mean by “All products are digital files” on your Home page?

This means that, when buying on Creative Fabrica or Design Bundles, you will never ever receive a thing in the mail. These two marketplaces are in the business of selling digital goods and those are typically delivered to you over the internet as digital files (JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, DXF, EPS, Ai, you name it). They sell things such as SVGs, digital paper, mock-ups, clipart, seamless patterns, photos, digital planner accessories, art printable, etc.

Are you able to custom design something for me?

I’m afraid, I do not do commissions. I strongly recommend you approach another designer if that’s what you need.